What Are You Thinking

What are you thinking? Few people spend any time considering this. They simply pass through their life, allowing their mind to roam wherever it will, being control by whatever emotion or desire comes into play. It is for this reason that those on the spiritual path decide to meditate to find out the source of their thoughts. From this, they come to a unique understanding of SELF and why they do what they do—why they think what they think.

The spiritual path is not easy. Letting your mind run ramped, that is easy. It takes no control. But, what happens from this lack of control is a wasted life, with no focus or accomplishment.

Every person who has ever achieved anything has done so through a precise sense of focus. And, this has nothing to do with spirituality. It has to do with mental focus. So, if you do not choose to consider yourself spiritual, if you do not choose to walk the spiritual path, this does not mean that a focused mind will not help you.

In Zen and Yoga the practitioner is trained to silence the mind through meditation. With a silenced mind, very clear perception of life is gained. This is because of the fact that, as your thoughts are turned off, when you emerge from meditation, you see life from a very NEW and clear perspective.

Though meditation is great tool for silencing the mind and perhaps coming into contact with the divine self, unless it is taken to the next step, it does not reveal the source of your thoughts and why you think what you think. Psychotherapy is a great tool for this, but that requires another person, (a therapist’s), interaction.

To get to the source of what you think and why you are thinking it on your own, all you must do is dive deep into your own mind. Start by observing what you are thinking right now. Ask yourself, “Why am I thinking that?” Once you have an answer, go deeper and question, “What made me think that way?” Continue back further and further until you find the source of your thoughts.

This technique is not easy, nor is it for everyone. It takes a desire for mental focus and understanding YOUR SELF. It is for those who want to focus their lives to the degree that they can succeed at what every undertaking they are desirous of, while truly coming to an exacting sense of SELF. From this, life is not wasted pursuing meaningless activities that may eventually come back to haunt and hinder your life.

Get to know yourself.