Do You Step On Snails?

I think that most of us, since the time we were children, have seen the many aspects of life around us. Whether it was the seashells at the beach, which are now very few and far between, or the butterflies flying through the air, which have also diminished greatly, we see and appreciate the beauty of nature.

There are other forms of life that some people do not take note of and/or do not particularly like. Snails, for example. Yeah, they are kind of weird. But, they are also beautiful and an integral part of our biosphere.

I remember as a kid, some people I knew would intentionally step on them. That made just a yucky mess. Even way back then I thought that was a very wrong thing to do. Now, whenever I see a snail I have a great appreciation for its purpose and placement in life.

Whenever it rains here in L.A., snails come out to play. They move onto the sidewalks. Whenever I see them I tell them to be careful. I tell them to be careful because so many people are so unconscious or so full of the nothing that they believe they are that they do not even take the time to study where they are stepping and they smash them. Not only is it wrong to unnecessarily kill essential life but also it is wrong to be that unconscious of where you are walking.

This is the thing about human life, and perhaps its biggest downfall, people don’t care. And, they do not care that they don’t care. They are so wrapped up in their own superior-ness, or in whatever is going on in their ego driven mind, that they do not take the time to study where and how they walk. This is very sad. Snails get killed.

If you are passing though life not caring and not being acutely aware of your environment, what does that say about you? If you don’t care, should anyone or anything care about you?

Being conscious, being caring is the sourcepoint of living a good, fulfilled, and giving life. Do you study where you step?