I Believe in You

Have you ever had somebody say, “I believe in you?” But, what does that actually mean? What does believing in somebody entail? And, how does, “Believing in,” affect the life of the believer and the life of the believed in?

People believe in god. God—that abstract ideology that promises an eternity in heaven if you are good and follow the rules in life. People believe in the devil. Satan—the abstract ideology who will send your soul through never ending damnation if you are bad in life. People believe in superstition—that abstract ideology that, “If some particular something happens,” it signals what will come next. Some people construct their whole life around believing in superstition. Some people believe in the words of a teachers. They believe them until they no longer believe in that person once they have discovered that individual’s flaws. But, does what a person believes in make their belief true? Or, is it simply something to get them through their day, either in a more positive and productive manner or through embracing negative beliefs which engulfs them via adrenalized rage giving birth to a feeling of false empowerment?

Belief is belief. But, what does it mean? We all believe in what we believe in. Is what you believe right and true or is simply what you believe? What about others who don’t believe what you believe; are they wrong? And, if so, what does that mean to their life? What does that mean to your life?

“I believe in you.” When you believe in someone what does that make you do? How do you act and react to that person? What do you give them because you believe in them? Does you believing in them change anything in their life? And, if you didn’t believe in them or you decide you no longer believe in them, how will that affect their life and how will that affect your life?

Belief is a strange concept as it is only, “Believed,” in the mind of the individual. But, how does that belief (how does your belief) translate out to the world? How does it affect the world on the whole? How does it affect the people you believe in? And, does your believing in someone or something change anything at all?

What does your mind believe? How does what believe control your life? What does it make you do? And, how will what you do, based upon what you believe, affect the rest of your life and the life or lives of those you supposedly believe in?