You’ve Done Some Bad Bad Things

Have you ever had something negative happen to you and you think back to a time when you did something to someone and think, “There it is. I’m getting paid back for my karma.” You experience the event, you think that thought, you believe your karmic debt is paid up, but your life does not get any better. Why is that? Because it is not you (or anyone else for that matter) who can truly understand the complexities of karma and life debt.

The reason I discuss karma quite frequently is because people are always referring to it. It has nothing to do with religion, philosophy, or anything like that… It is just that it has become such a common belief in modern society that everyone references it. People talk about it all the time. But, what no one understands is that no one is so wise to truly understand the subtleties of karma.

All karma begins with you. If you say something bad, if you are judgmental or hurtful, if you do something bad, then you should receive your karma for that action, right? But, what is the appropriate karma? If you hurt anyone, through either conscious or unconscious action, you should get your karmic payback, yes? But, no one wants to get paid back for what they have done that has hurt someone or something else. At best, they justify their actions. Perhaps, they believed they were right in what they said or did. They believe they had the right. They don’t care about the injury they unleashed. But, the fact is, no one has the right to hurt anyone or anything for any reason, whether consciously or unconsciously. Thus, here is the birthplace of karma.

Ask yourself, is there someone out there who believes that you hurt their life? If they believe that you hurt their life, then you did hurt their life.

Now, ask yourself, do you believe you had the right to hurt their life? If your answer is, “Yes,” first of all, that is a very selfish, unthinking, and uncaring answer. And, if your answer is, “Yes,” now turn the tables on yourself. Is there someone out there who has hurt you? Do you believe they had the right to unleash that injury? Probably not.

You see, this is where the entire concept and ideology of karma becomes so complex. There are some people, in fact many people out there, who do not even think or care about anyone else but themselves. If you express to them that they hurt you or damaged your life, they don’t care. They may make excuses, give you justifications, or turn the blame around on you. As unconscious, uncaring, and unthinking as that is, that is the mind frame from where many people operate. Looking from the outside we can all say, “That is not right.” But now, look at yourself. Have you ever behaved in that manner? Have you ever hurt someone and not cared? Have you ever hurt someone by saying something or doing something that injured the life of that person? Did you do this either because you were not conscious enough to realize what your action may instigate or perhaps you believed you had the right? But, did you? Do you have the right to hurt anyone for any reason? Do they have the right to hurt you?

If you think you have the right to hurt anyone for any reason, you are wrong. If you think you have the right to judge anyone for any reason, and your judgments hurts someone, you are wrong. If your actions, whether conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional, hurts anyone or anything for any reason, you are wrong. From this wrong, negative karmic pay back will come your way.

Okay… Now, that this is established, think about this, “What would be the appropriate karmic payback for what you did to that person that believes you hurt their life? Take a moment right now. Think about the people that you hurt. Think about the people that believe that you hurt them. Think about how you hurt them. What will pay them back for what you did to them? What has to happen to your life to make them feel better about what you did?

This is the thing… Each action that you do sets forth an entire course of events that no one can anticipate or predict. What you say, who you say it to, what you do, who you do it to, creates an entire universe onto itself. For this reason, the conscious person becomes very thoughtful about what they say and what they do. They wish to hurt no one. They intentionally hurt no one. They put their ego in check and they control themselves. They wish to set no negative events into motion. But, the unconscious, the self righteous, the empowered, and the self involved person doesn’t think about anything or anyone but themselves. They believe they have the right to say or do anything that they wish. From this, a plethora of unknown, un-chartable events are set into motion in their life which ultimately equals a lot of bad karma coming their direction.

If you live your life based upon negativity and hurt, doing damage to the life of other people—if you justify your actions, believing that you have the right to take, say, or do anything that you wish; what do you believe will be the repercussions to your life? What will be your karma? What will you have to go through to pay back those you have injured? The fact is, no one knows and no one can predict the answer to that question.

Therefore, the next time you encounter a bad experience and think your karma is paid up, think again.