You Can Say Anything That You Want but That Doesn’t Make It True

I believe than in each of our lives we have encountered somebody saying something about someone or something and, in many cases, they present their words as fact. But are they?

I believe that many of us want to believe what we hear when other people are speaking. We are trusting and we want to believe in the goodness of people. Why would they lie?

But, people do lie. People do present what they believe as the truth when it is far from it. People do want to hurt the lives of other people via their words. Yes, what they speak may be their opinion. But, an opinion is never the truth. It is simply what one person believes to be the truth.

This is an important distinction to make when you listen to the words of others. Sure, they may actually believe everything they are saying to be based in the truth but it is most likely simply their truth and not the universal truth.

But, what actually is the truth? If life is based upon each person’s interpretation of reality, defined by what they believe, then where does the absolute definition of truth arise?

This is a complicated question as most people are set up with a predetermined set of beliefs when they are young and few ever veer very away from this belief system. Yes, they grow up, have their own experiences, and develop their own personality. But, if you look to any person’s individual evolution, what they actually do in their life is highly defined by how they were trained to react to the world when they were children and from this comes their understanding of what is or is not the truth.

The fact is, most people cannot consciously differentiate between their opinion and the truth. They simply believe what they believe, based upon the facts that they choose to calculate, and from this, they then define their reality which they spread out to the world.

Think about it… What do you believe and why do you believe it? When you hear someone say something, do you simply take them at their word or do you dig deeper, finding your own truth in the actual facts that are obtainable?

Most people are life lazy. The don’t want to think. They don’t want to analyze. They simply want to be told. If they like what they hear, if what they hear provides them with a sense of enjoyment, fulfillment, purpose, or it strokes their emotions in a way they want them to be stroked then seeking the truth becomes completely unimportant. What they hear is all they need to know. End of story… They believe.

This is a complicated place to live your life from, however. For if you simply believe, then there is no doubt that you will be lied to. And, in fact, you may re-spread that lie because you may re-speak it to other people. Thus, that lie spreads across all of existence.

Have you ever believed something but then you changed your mind? I think that most of us have experienced this in our lives. We heard, we believed, and then we spoke what we believed. But, then we believed it no more. Now what?

Think about it, there are probably still people out there believing what you said and, thus, your belief became their belief and their belief became the belief of others that they spread it to. This, when you no longer believe it. How do you think that will ultimately affect your life evolution and your overall karma?

Have you ever watched someone who once told everyone how something was good or true and then they changed their mind and they tried to justify why they spoke the words that they had previously spoken? Have you ever watched them squirm and look for a logical, justifiable reason why they said what they said? This, after what they said may have negatively affected the lives of many people. Yet, they still try to justify their words and remove themselves from any ultimate responsibility. Maybe they even lie to hide from their responsibility. But, what they said is what they said. How what they said affected the lives of others is how it affected the lives of others. Now what?

Then, there are other people that simply don’t care. They say what they say based upon whatever motivating emotion they may be experiencing. It may be the truth. It may be a lie. It may hurt the life of other people but they are so self-involved that they hold a devil-may-care attitude and all others be damned. “I think it. I said it, So what!” That’s not good. You really need to watch out for people like that. It is easy to see them and detect this personality trait. They are the ones who are constantly casting judgment while attempting to make their opinion seem factional as their words damage the lives of others.

Some people consciously lie. They lie to make themselves appear to something more than they actually are. Others people don’t mean to lie but by believing what they believe they spread a lie. Some people live solely in the world of opinion—believing that their opinion is the truth when all they are speaking is an opinion. Yet, many people are not aware enough to realize this. Thus, they cannot and do not present anyone with this fact. They simply spread their opinion as truth when it is far from it.

With all this being said, how do you encounter life? Do you believe all you hear? Do you tell other people what your opinion is but speak it as the truth? Do you tell people what they should do based upon your own life experiences? If you do this, how are your responsible for what they encounter in life? How? It makes you totally karmically responsible.

Ultimately, your life is not the life of anyone else. What you know to be true can never be the truth of another person. Yes, you may find a common ground with a certain person or a certain group but no-one is you. Thus, the only true truth is what you can know from your own personal life realizations. No truth can be given to you. And, you cannot tell anyone else what is the truth. Yes, you can believe what another person says if you want to. But, as you have no doubt experienced in your own life, what you believe may change. Thus, belief is never the truth. At best, what someone tells you is simply their understanding of life defined by what they have experienced. But, what they have experienced is never what you will experience.

Ultimately, there is no one truth. Your truth is not my truth. My truth is not your truth. Be silent and do no damage to the life of others by telling anyone what you think that you believe. As any damage you create by speaking what you believe will only come back to haunt you. Let each person be whole onto themselves.

Be more. Be yourself. Know your own truth. Be silent.