In This Moment is Everything

Do you ever find yourself sitting back, taking a look around, studying your environment and realizing that all is well with the world—you are happy, life is okay, and everything is as it should be?

Do you ever find yourself sitting back and being really angry at what someone has done to you, what someone has said about you, or that your life is just not going the way you want it to go?

What is the difference between these two states of mind? The first, you are getting what you want, you are encountering no life resistance, and no controversy or catastrophe is coming your direction. You are whole, complete, and fulfilled in your moment. The second, you are encountering the unwanted realities of life. You are confronted with the fact that most people are not nice, nor are they caring. In fact, most people do not care about anybody but themselves. From this, the world of damage, anger, frustration, and chaos is given birth to.

But, there is more to it than this. There is more to experiencing life experience than simply being controlled by it.

There you are living your moment… You are feeling what you are feeling, based upon what you are experiencing. What can you learn from this? What you can learn is that life is created by where you place your self and how you choose to react to each life stimuli.

For most of us, we are born into a world, a historic time period, a financial determinant, and a culture that we had no choice in choosing. We are given life and where we are given life is what we must contend with. Some, have all things provided for them: a good family, health, beauty, money, and a promising future. Most of us are not like that, however. Most of us are placed in a life where we must learn to accept our life-shortcomings and our life-limitations. And, then deal with the repercussions that are born from them.

Okay, but now what? How are you going to react to what you have been given and what you are experience in a world dominated by what you were given?

You are given what you are given. But, it is what you do with what you are given than defines your life. Your life is dominated and created by the choices you make, defined by what you were given.

If you find yourself in a world of happiness, how are you responsible for that? If you discover yourself is a world of anger or saddens, how are you responsible for that? How did you come to where you are? You arrived there, defined by the choices you made within the realm of what you were given?

You made choices. You ended up where you are not only calculated by your life-determinates but more probably by the choices you have made.

Have you seen a very poor person be happy? Have you seen a very wealthy individual be sad? Thus, it is easy to see, what you have out there is not necessarily the determining factor for what you feel in here.

Your life is constructed by how you encounter your life and what you choose to do with the life-determinates you are given.

Where do you find yourself right now in your life? Are you happy, fulfilled, content? Or, are you angry, frustration, and miserable? These are your emotions. Nobody else is feeling them but you. Thus, nobody cares about what you are feeling. But now, look at it this way; instead of simply feeling your emotions and being dominated by them you must become self aware enough to understand that it was and is you who choose to lead your life to a place where you will encounter the emotions you are feeling based upon the people, the life, and the life style that you have surrounded yourself with.

Therefore, to ever gain any control over your life, you must first realize and accept it was you who got you to where you are in the first place. Blame no one else. You made choices. They were your choices. Now, take responsibility for them. Moreover, learn to take control over them as it is from your emotions, motivated by the choices you made, that the next level of your entire life is created.

When you are happy, you think, say, and do good things. When you are angry, frustrated, sad; these emotions also dominate how you react to the world. The difference is, the negative emotions are what causes you to do bad things that hurt other people. If you hurt other people, based upon what you are feeling, how do you think that will impact the rest of your life? Do you think there are no repercussions for the actions your take based upon whatever desire or self-involved emotion you are experiencing? Believe me, there are.

What you do now equals your tomorrow. What you feel now sets the standard for what you will feel tomorrow.

Your life is created by what you choose to do with what you are given. Your emotions: happy or sad, are created by how you choose to experience the life you have created for yourself defined by the choices you have made.

When you find yourself sitting back and realizing you are encountering joy, simply by experiencing your world as it is, embrace it. When you find yourself sitting back and realizing that you discontent, sad or angry, don’t lash out; instead, chose to change you. …As you are the sourcepoint for all that you feel.

Never let your negative emotions control you or your actions. Consciously move yourself, through the choices you make, to a place when you transcend the negative elements of your emotions and move yourself to a world where your happiness can be embraced.

Joy and happiness are everywhere. There is no drug you need to take to feel them. But, there is a drug you need to take when you are experiencing the opposite of joy and happiness. That drug is you looking at the choices you have made and then redefining your life to make better choices so that less than ideal emotions never need be encountered due to the choices you have made.

In this moment is everything. You can be whole, happy, fulfilled, and blissful. All you have to do is to chose to experience it.