You Are What You Speak

We have all heard the old adage, “You are what you eat.” As truthful as that statement may be, what is even more definitive of a person’s life is, “You are what you speak.”

Think about this, how do you talk to other people and how do you speak about other people? What is your demeanor? Each person has one. Developed in childhood, it moves forward throughout one’s life. Based upon personality, each person speaks with a distinct style and focuses upon specific things. Some people are loud and rude, always trying to overpower the conversation, others are soft-spoken and reserved. Some speak about what they have learned. Others speak about themselves. Some people simply tells lies at every opportunity, altering truths to suit their own needs.

Studying how other people speak and what they talk about is an essential method to come to understand the motivating factors for human consciousness. You can really learn a lot by actually taking the time to watch, listen, and study what a person is saying, how they are saying it, and then come to the conclusion of why.

It is also essential that you study how you speak; what you say and why. Most people simply pass through their life never truly taking note of how they are perceived by the rest of the world. Some don’t care but all should. For it is how we are seen by the world that sets forth our opportunities.

Take a moment right now and review the people you know. Isolate them one-by-one and define how they each speak, what they each commonly speak about, how they present their message, and what occurs to their life and the lives of those around by how they present that message.

Once you have defined, in your own mind, the factors that make several of the people you know who they are, turn the microscope around on yourself. Think about your words, what you say, how you sound, what you emphasize, and the truths and/or the lies that you tell. Do you manipulate with your words or are your words based in caring about others?

Though many of us will immediately have a reason based in logic, at least in our own mind, as to why we speak the way we speak and why we say what we say, spread your analysis out farther and think about what effect you are having on those around you by speaking the way you speak; about the subjects you speak. And, perhaps most importantly, what effect do those words have on your own life? Have they helped you? Have they helped others? Or, have your words caused hurt and isolation?

Few people ever take the time to think about anything. They rarely take the time to study their why and their wherefore. The problem is, if you don’t your world just becomes a mishmash of random events. Good things may happen or bad things may happen but the most essential element in that equation is you and how you interact with the world. As much of this interaction is based upon what you say to others in this world, thus, what you say and how you say it is one of the most essential elements in the evolution of your life.

Know who you are. Know what you say and why. And, then take control of what you say and how you say it. From this, not only will your own life be lived from a more conscious state of mind but your interactions with the world will be much more beneficial to the all.