You Only Get One Shot

Have you ever noticed that when you fall asleep you start to dream about something. If you are awoken, in those first few moments of sleep, your dream obviously ends. Then, as you doze back off to sleep, you start to dream again. But, this time, your dream is based on a completely different subject. And, no matter how hard you may wish to reenter the previous dream, it is not going to happen. Life is like that, you only get one shot.

This is simply the reality of this place we call life. You have one moment to make a choice, live what you live, and set the next stage of your life into motion. If it is missed, (if you are awoken from your dream), then your entire life will evolve completely different. For better or for worse, this is the way it is.

Sometimes people and/or life situations cross our path. Destines intersect. With this, we either choose to take advantage of those occurrences and moved forward with them. Or, for whatever reason, we choose to move away in a different direction. In some of those instances, we regard that we did not make the choice to stay. But, that is simply the choice that we made. We had our one shot and we blew it. There is no going back, no matter how hard we try.

The truth is, if you had lived that moment — made the choice to stay; maybe it would have turned out great or maybe it would have turned out very bad. Maybe, it would have turned into something you never expected. How many times have we each encountered those situations in our lives?

But, the reality is, you didn’t make that choice. So, you can never live, what could have been lived.

Many people try to go back. They try to recapture what was/what could have been. But, that was then. This is now. And, a million life experiences took place in the interim.

In other situations, we actively pursue our dreams to reach a desired outcome. But, here again, once we begin to walk on a specific path, we encounter situations based in the randomness of life.

Plus, if we desire something; that, “Something,” is most probably involving other people. The moment you introduce, “Others,” into your equitation, all kinds of things occur. There are personalities, egos, individual desires, and interpersonal psychology. The moment other people come into a pursuit, the whole situation gets messy.

So, this is the complex pattern of life. Some would say that it is our karma or our destiny that hands us the set of choices that we are allowed to choose from. Maybe… Some believe that it is the mystical perfection of life. That we live, what we live, according to some divine plan. Maybe…

But, here is the reality... You only get one shot—one chance to make a choice from your set of choices. Do with it what you will.