Aftermath and the What of What You Do

People rarely take the time to think about how what they are doing will effect their future and the future of others. They simply do what they do based upon whatever emotion or desire is present in any given moment. And, here arises one of the biggest hoaxes of the modern spiritual path; living in the now. It is constantly touted that living in the now is the space/place to be. It is detailed as some illusive state of mind. No. Everybody does it all the time. In fact, it is the very few who make their actions conscious and focused as opposed to desired-based or now-reactionary.

People are driven by the emotions that they feel in any given moment. That is what causes them to take action and do what they do. Damn the consequences. I am doing what I am doing.

This is place where all the aftermaths arise. You did what you did. You did what you did without caring or thinking about the impact on your life or the life of others but then there is a price to pay.

Some people continually try to do good things. And, that is a good thing. They don’t speak negative words about people. They try to help instead of hinder. But, as the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. This is simply the state of being in life; helping one person may hurt another. …Doing something that you see as good and right, someone else may view as a negative action.

Certainly, doing knowingly bad things, making negative statements about people and life situations, and not caring who you hurt is never a righteous act. But, at this level of life interaction, the people who behave in this manner should expect to experience the repercussions. But, do they? Most of the time, no. They believe they will skate through, they will get away with it, and no one will be the wiser. But, people were hurt. So, how can there be no aftermath?

What you do and how you do it will come to be the defining factors of your life. How you will come to be defined is actualized by the consciousness of the actions you take. Think about this, when you have done something unthinking and in the spur of the moment that created a wave of hurtful negativity farther down the road of your life, would you have done it if you had thought it through instead of simply acting out on whatever desire or emotion you possessed in that moment?

People make excuses for their actions. People find justifications for their actions. People try to blame others for their actions. But, they only do that when they experience the aftermath of their actions.

If you do something/anything there will be repercussions. What do you want the repercussions that will come to define your life and your lifetime to be? What they will be is defined by how much you thought about what you did before you did it. …By how much you thought about others before you thought about yourself.

Step out of the Now and enter the world of consciously thinking and discrimination. If you live your life at this level, the aftermath will be so much more enjoyable.