A New Reason to Run

I was cruising down 6th St., over by Alvarado, last week. I was coming from Tommy’s, having had the/my traditional Double Chili/Cheese, a bag of barbecue chips, and a bottled water. I was heading over to this thrift store I like to check out when I’m in the neighborhood. I was driving on the inside lane, the music was on, and all was well with the world. All of a sudden this guy in his mini van abruptly changes lanes into my lane. I hit the horn, slam on my breaks, and skid for a long way. As he was coming right at me without stopping, I was trying to avoid him hitting me so I was veering to the right. Finally, I came to a stop. But, he kept driving. I got out of my car to make sure that I had not hit the parked car next to where I finally stopped. Looking, I was literally just about a half an inch away from it. But, as there was no damage, I get back in my car in order to chase down the guy. I caught up to him at a stop light about a mile away. I get out of the car, take a photo of his license plate, and was screaming at him like a maniac. His window was down, he heard me, he knew what he had done, but he darted off.

Recently, with our new president here in the States, there has been a lot of talk about the deportation of undocumented immigrants. Now, I’m not going to get into that debate here because everyone has their opinion. I will say, if you look at it from a more personal perspective; ask yourself, “How would you feel if you were happily living in your house and you came home one day and somebody had moved in. You didn’t want them there, you didn’t ask them to move in, yet they arrived, they were living at your home, and they will not leave. Next, they invited their family to move into your house and now their family will not leave. How would you feel?”

Okay, but back to the storyline… For any of us who drive a car, especially in a large urban center like Los Angeles, you are probably going to have gotten into a fender bender or two. Not good. But, people make mistakes. Now, I have had people take off when they have hit my car more than once and that is not cool. But now, today, in this political landscape, people are taking off for a whole new reason; i.e. they are illegal immigrants and they are afraid of being deported for the smallest of reasons—as that is what is currently happening. Thus, people have found a whole new reason to run.

Now certainly, I was driving through a crappy part of town, inhabited predominately by people of Latin descent, of which a large percentage are undocumented. But, that is no excuse to not take responsibility for what you have done in and with your life. And, here lies the ultimate definition of the life you live… What you do defines who you are. What you say to people, what you say about people, how you react to the world, and what you give back to the world sets the definition for your life. We can all find reasons to not want to take responsibility for the mistakes we have made. That is why we must live life as consciously as possible, as righteously as possible—consciously only saying and doing good things so we will not have that many mistakes to own up to. But, when you do make a mistake, it is what you do to fix that mistake that defines you as a human being.

You must ask yourself, “Who are you? What are You? Are you the person who unleashes negativity and damage, no matter what the logic, reasoning, or excuse? Or, are you a person who consciously encounters life and when you do say or do something that damages the life of another person you care enough to care and you take responsible and repair any damage you have created?”

If you are living your life from a perspective where you must run from your mistakes, you are living in the wrong world. We all make mistakes, but if you are a good and conscious person you fix anything that you have broken.