The Truth as You Think You Know It

Most people are not trained lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, martial artists, or any other profession that takes a lot of years of schooling to master. Most people have never played professional football, basketball, baseball—they’ve never acted in a high budget Hollywood movie or TV Show nor have they made a feature film. Most people have never lived with the indigenous people of South Asia, the Middle East, or South America. Yet, everybody believes they know what they know—they believe what they believe—then they tell others what they believe and that false-knowledge, (that fake news), is put out there as if it were fact. From this, other people hear it, believe it, and the lie is spread farther and farther.

What do you think that type of life-action does to the rest of the world? What contribution do you think it makes? What do you think saying things, based upon unsubstantiated knowledge, does to you as an evolving human being and to the rest of the world?

Where does knowledge come from? True knowledge comes from undertaking a long course of study involving the facts of a particular subject. But, is this where most people gain their knowledge? No, it is not. Where do most people get their knowledge? They get it from what they read, what they hear, what they want to believe, what makes them feel good when they hear it, and what they think they already know. But, that is not knowledge. As best, that is opinion being disguised as knowledge.

An opinion is nothing more than a false belief nurtured by what and/or whom a person chooses to listen to. Thus, if a person or a large group of people follow a path of belief based upon opinion, a world is born where a person’s life evolution and the greater scheme of Life Goodness is harmed by what a person thinks that they know. …Because what they know is not the truth. It is simply spoken opinion.

What do you believe? Who or what do you believe in? What course of study did you undertake to provide you with a valid frame of references for the beliefs that you cast on life events and/or people? What research did you do to provide you with a factual basis for speaking the words you speak? What makes you believe you have the right to say anything based upon judgment?

Whatever you say, particular in this age of the internet, has the potential to have wide spanning affect. This is why many people say things: they want their beliefs to be believed—they want to get famous due to their beliefs. And, this can be done. But, the question has to be asked, “At what cost?” What cost to you and your karma for judging someone or something else and what cost to the world who listens to your words and believes them when they are not based upon truth only personal or self-motivated belief?

As I frequently say, “The whole world begins with you.” What you say and what you do sets your ultimate destiny into motion. This occurs because what you say and what you do does not only affect you but it affects everyone who hears your words and/or comes into contact with you. But, most people never think about this. They just think what they think about a person based upon whatever psychologically motivated logic they follow—they just believe what they believe about an external world event based upon what they were programmed into believing. What very few people ever do is to study the facts of a situation, go to its roots, and actually come away with True Knowledge based upon appropriate study instead of simply unleashing an opinion based on opinionated limited understanding that has been disguised as the truth.

Just because somebody says something does not make it the truth. Do you have the personal Self-Awareness to understand this fact?

Your words have power. Most people know this but they do not truly think about this. Most, only use what they say to guide others to believe what they believe—not based upon fact but solely upon their judgmental, self-motivated, opinion. And, this is a problem.

If we look at the modern world, it is obvious that most people do not care about the greater good. They do not care about putting their own beliefs on hold long enough to study the True Facts of Reality before they spout out what they think, based on what they heard and chose to believe, and, thus, what they hope others will think. But, as in all cases in life, the betterment of humanity begins with one person doing one good thing—one person putting their own ego on hold, learning the true facts, caring about a person or person(s), and doing what is best for The All based upon the factual acquired knowledge they have obtained.

Are you strong enough to stop judging and spreading your opinion as fact? Are you tough enough to stop attempting to hurt other people with your words or actions? Are you whole enough to stop attempting to make others believe what you have heard and want them to believe? Are you intelligent enough to actually become schooled in a subject to the degree where you can actually participate in that field on a professional level? Or, do you not care about anybody but who you care about—the world be damned, and you are going to go about saying what you are saying, doing what you are doing, no matter who or what it hurts and what catastrophe it unleashes?

Conscious evolution, on the personal or the global level, is based upon true acquired knowledge. From this, True Knowledge grows and the world and all its people are made better and more whole.

What do you say? What do you do? What do you base your knowledge and beliefs upon? How does that affect your life? And, how does that affect the world as a whole? You should think about his before you speak.