How You Handle It

Life is defined by events. Events: large or small, are defined by what you have done in your life and how you have reacted to previous events. A person’s life is defined by an ever-growing string of events and how they have reacted to or handled each of them.

In life, we are each deal a set of cards that defines who and what we can become. Some of us are lucky and are born in the Free World where an individual’s choice of religion, philosophy, occupation, and whom they will be in a relationship with is made solely by the person. Some are born lucky and they are given birth to in a happy home where their parents and the surrounding community are supportive and nurturing. Some are lucky and they are born with no psychiatric or physiologic detriments. Yet, do all of the people who are born with these obvious life advantages walk forward through their life making the right choices that hurt no one and handle their life events is a positive, productive manner? The answer to that question is obviously, no. And, this is where the chaos for an individual’s personal life and the effect they have on the lives of others is set into motion. This is where all the problems of the world are either created and/or are put to rest.

As stated, life is defined by events. Each day we each encounter a series of life events. These life events are largely defined by the choices we have made in relationship to the life we have hoped to live and, as such, we are the one who was the instigator of what life events we will most likely next encounter.

Where you have chosen to live, what you have chosen to do, what desires fill your mind, whom you have chosen to associate with — all of these elements come to define the events you will encounter in life.

Many people seek only a simple existence: a job that they like, a community where they enjoy living, and associating with people of like mind. They define their world based upon what was and is available to them, presented by where they find themselves in terms of time, history, and society.

There is the innate need in all people to be in a relationship with a person and persons and survive within in those relationships in a healthy, happy, and productive manner. The desire for this natural human interaction is what sets a good percentage of a person’s life events into motion. The desire for interaction, and the price one pays to have this, will often come to define much of a person’s life.

Human interaction is both good and it is bad. It has the potential to do great things for an individual. It also has the potential to be very damaging. Human interaction is the sourcepoint for where many a life event is lived and many more are set into motion.

It is very simple to see how this pattern unfolds. Think about what you have done, throughout your life, in your pursuit of human interactions; the words you have spoken, the things you have done. Now, think about the human interactions that were forced upon your life, when some dishonest, unsavory, or unconscious person entered your existence and cause chaos either by accident and/or by their personal choice. In each of these scenarios, think about the life events that you instigated and the life events that where instigated by the other person. Whether they were good, whether they were bad, whether they helped your life, whether they destroyed your life, they were set in motion by a human being making a choice to do something/pursue something and then you were left with making the choice about how to react.

Reaction, and the choice(s) you make, in how you react, is what sets all of life in motion. Not only in your life but the life of all other people that may be affected by your choice(s) — either in your now or in the ever-expanding ripple effect of time.

As life is defined by events, how you react to them is what defines you as a human being, what defines your life, and what defines the next set of events you will encounter. It also defines the life events of all those who may encounter your reaction to your life events. Meaning, you are personally responsible for the rest of the world. Your actions equal reactions. What you do and how your handle your life events have the potential to cause a never-ending, unstoppable expansion of actions and reactions. Thus, you must be very conscious about what you do and/or do not do.

As each individual is the sourcepoint for the choices they make, each choice has the potential to spread out from that person and engulf the world. Think about how many times you have said something or done something and what you said or did caused other people to think a specific thought and/or then react in a prescribed manner. Though this may be on a very small scale, this demonstrates how what you say and do has the potential to spread outwards and define much more than any moment that any of your life events was lived within.

Each person has the potential to change the entire world. With this fact as knowledge, it is essential that you think very consciously about anything you say, anything you do, the way you react to physical and emotional thought-patterns, and the affect it may have, as that affect may come back to haunt you.

Anything you say or do, particularly anything that you say or do that directly affects another person, becomes a direct causation factor for the next events that will take place in your life. As you have directly affected another person's life, then your life becomes defined by what happens to that person because of your instigation. If it is good, then you are responsible. If it is bad, then you too are responsible. And, if you hurt anyone for any reason, what do you believe will be the consequences in the course of your life events?

Though we all wish this was not the case, not everyone is a good person. Not everyone is what they claim to be. Not everyone is honest. Not everyone is consciously trying to do good things and help people. Many, are lost in an undefined sense of self-loathing. Many are lost and defined by their psychological inadequacies. Many are simply liars, mean people, and so desire-filled and out of control of their Self that they do not care what they do to others as long as they can get their momentary fix of whatever it is they are craving. Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? How does it affect others? And, what events does it set in motion in your life and the life of others?

People turn to the idea of god. People turn to the concept of karma. They do this to seek out a reason for why what is happening to them is happening to them. But, this is all metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. What is happening to you is defined by what you have chosen to do and what others have chosen to do with their life. What you choose to do defines, in a large part, what events you will meet in life.

You cannot define all of the events you will encounter in life because there are other people bringing their own sense of circumstance into your life. Though you cannot define all of the events you will encounter in life you can define how you react to each life event. You can rage and become angry. That is how those defined by an uncontrolled mind and unharnessed emotional reactions behave. Or, you can meet any life event with understanding.

No one ever said life is easy. We each hope to pass though life obtaining what we desire and being rewarded and content in that progress. If we live a simple, conscious life, we are more likely to not encounter large life events that have the potential to devastate us at a moments notice, brought about by those who seek to gain something from us. But, the fact is, in each of our lives, sooner-or-later, we will encounter an event that we do not like. Then, it is how consciously we encounter that moment that not only defines the next set of events we will meet in life but also how our life will be defined, because each thing that we say or do has the potential to spread forward from our self and define a much larger spectrum of reality.

Life events begin and end with you. What life events are you setting in motion?