Know Who You Are

People quote me. I always find it interesting when I go to places on the web and I find that someone has taken a passage from one of my books and pasted it up there. The words are usually taken from books I have written like, About Peace, Nirvana in a Nutshell, Zen O’clock, or Zen in the Blink of an Eye.

That’s great! If you like the words, if the words help you, quote away…

People also write negative things about me. When I see these comments, the main thing I realize is that they people who are attacking me do not know me, do not understand what I’m about, and they’re completely getting everything about me wrong.

But, this is life. People say and do all kinds of things based on their own perception of reality. Some people base their existence on positivity—and on spreading that positivity to others. Some people base their existence upon negativity. Thus, they spread their reality just the same.

This is yin and yang. This is life. We each encounter positive and we each encounter negative people in our lives. That’s just the way it is.

What we must learn from all of this is that we must know who we are. Because at the root of our existence this is the only place where we can truly embrace ultimate understanding, divine consciousness—enlightenment, if you will.

And, that place of knowing who you are is only in your own being.

We are who we are. We can be negative, but what is the result of that? Or, we can base our reality on positivity. What does that bring about? The answers are clear. If what you are doing does not make the ALL better, you can change.