My Time is Not Your Time

Have you ever had somebody contact you and tell you that they wanted you to do something for them? They didn’t ask what you were doing or if you had the time to help them out—in fact they didn’t even think about you at all, they just wanted something and they expected you to drop everything and do it?

Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone out—take the time to make their life a little easier or a bit better and they did not even take notice of the fact that you went out of your way to help them out? They didn’t think of you or thank you but then they asked something more of you.

Have you ever decided to do something—thinking only about yourself: your life and your desires but what you did set a whole sting of chaotic events into motion in another person’s life forcing them to lose their peace and spend a lot of their time thinking about and attempting to repair what you had done?

If we look at life we can easily see that we, as human beings, are an interactive breed. We want family, friends, and associates. Most of us want those to be friendly, cordial, and productive relationships. As such, we are happy to do things for other people when we can. Some people are not like that, however. They don’t want to do anything for anyone. They only think about themselves. In fact, some people are simply blind and do not even care about how others are going out of their way to do things for them. They just take and then they expect more.

All of life is lived from what we know. What we know if based upon what we have experienced in life. Where we find ourselves in life is predicated upon a few factors, culture, age, socioeconomic status, but mostly upon how we choose to view and react to the world.

Caring and giving is a choice. As is expecting and taking.

A defined period of time is all that we have in this life. When it’s gone; that’s it, life is over! So, what we do with our time is of paramount importance.

Think about yourself… How do you spend your Life Time? How much of your time do you consciously give to others and how much of other people’s time do you expect them to give to you?

Next time you ask someone to do something for you, think what that may be costing their life. Next time someone does something for you, without your asking, witness it, acknowledge it, realize that they could be doing something else, and mostly thank them.

This is life, our time is all we have.