A Gentleman Smiles and Walks Away

I was in the supermarket this afternoon, picking up dinner. I was walking past the meat department and this guy, in his mid-forties, just totally goes off on this elderly woman. “I said I was sorry, that should be enough for you, you old bat,” he exclaims. “You probably are all alone in life and you have no one!” Then, he storms off down the aisle. Wow… What was that?

Apparently, he had cut in on the lady trying to grab a package of meat and she said something to him. Now, first of all, we all understand that the elderly can be a little testy at times. That’s just who they are. You don’t confront them about it. But, more over, a gentleman never behaves in that manner. What is so important that you need to treat another person, old or young, like that? A gentleman smiles and walks away.

I believe that we have probably all encountered people like this: rude, arrogant, judgmental, and demeaning of other people. But, where does that type of behavior arise? It comes from the mind of an insecure person; for anyone who insults anybody for any reason does so from a mindset of insecurity. Why? Because if a person is whole and secure onto themselves they do not need to judge anybody’s anything. It is only the weak minded who behave in this manner.

Moreover, what a person says about another person, in moments like this, is what they truly think about themselves. The insecure and the unaware find a method to project their own fears out to humanity. As they are so out of control of their own mind and out of tune with their true inner self all they can embrace in the lowest level of fear being harbored within themselves. Thus, that is what they speak. From this, this gain some misguided sense of omnipotence.

Think about it, are you all alone? Are you in fear of being all alone? If you are, then you too may speak the aforementioned words. If you are not, then you would never articulate this type of insult.

But, this entire occurrence, and the man’s reaction thereof, illustrates a bigger issue and it provides us with a reason to looking within ourselves. What are you afraid of? What do you internally fear? Look deeply into yourself. How do you see yourself? What flaws do you think you possess? How do you project those fears and those flaws to the world?

A person who is not whole onto themselves does not possess a clearly defined sense of discretion and an understanding of righteousness and, thus, they project negativity to the world. They want to take the focus off of themselves and place it somewhere, on someone else.

Look around your life, how many people do you know that spend their time thinking and talking about someone else—taking shots at someone else?

Criticism is easy? Anybody can say anything. Insults are easy. Making a criticism or an insult look like factual statement is a bit harder but it too is not difficult.

But, there is a problem that arises from this type of behavior. What these people are saying does not have to be true but because they are saying it their words enter it into the realms of physical reality. And, this is where the problems for humankind begin. People believe.

In this modern news cycle and political climate, the term, “Fake news,” has become highly bantered about. Yes, it has become of a bit of a catch-phase joke, but what it is describing is very valid and it is an important subject to contemplate. Most people believe what they hear. Thus, what anybody say has the potential to change the minds of anyone/everyone. True or false, factual or not, is almost unimportant. People believe… From what they believe a course of events is set into motion in their life and the lives of all those they interact with. But, what is never studied or never contemplated is who is saying what and why they saying it.

Why do you say what you say? Why do you say what you say about other people? Why do you believe what other people say? Do you ever take the time to think for yourself? Do you ever take the time to contemplate why the person who is saying something about something or to somebody is saying it at all? Do you ever dig deep into your own psyche and contemplate why you feel what you feel and why you say what you say?

Now, back to the original situation that motivated this blog… People, like that guy, say what they say, do their damage they do, and then they run away. Would the guy who accosted the elderly lady in that manner have said something like that to me? I doubt it. Would he have said it to the big burly guy who works in the meat department who is six-five and many two-seven-five, who stared the guy down as he walked away ranting? Doubtful... He said it because he could. …Because he knew he could get over on that elderly lady. And, that is how the weak people operate.

Now, this brings us back to the point of, “Fake news.” People say things, especially on places like the internet, because they will not need to face the consequences of their words. They say things, because they are hiding. They say them to the elderly because the do not have to fear being beaten down. They say them because they are not whole enough to be focused on forgiveness and the betterment of the world instead of focusing on someone or something else.

Moreover, whenever you hear anyone saying anything, you must remain focused on the question, “Who is saying what and why?” What motivates a person to say harsh words to an elderly lady. What motives a person to say harsh words to or about anybody? That is just wrong!

Though it is not right, it is wrong to say harsh words to anybody about any thing. Who are you to judge? Who is anybody to be cruel to any other person?

Most of us are nice. We would never accost an elderly lady in the manner that I speak about. But, there are some bad, unthinking, insecure people among us. Those who seek a method to unleash their own inner rage outwards. They are not good people. You should not listen to them. But, they are out there and you may have to encounter them from time to time. If and when you do, the best thing you can do is to not let their inner; self-loathing rage control you. You are more, so be more. Never fall prey to the words they speak.

A gentleman smiles and walks away.