We All Make a Deal with the Devil

First of all, I must preface this post by stating, “I am not a Christian.” Though I was born into a Christian family and indoctrinated into the Christian tradition: Sunday School, etc.; like most religions, I find the history, evolution, and interpretation of Christianity to be completely lacking in purity or substance. This being stated, the mythical ideology of, “Making a deal with the devil,” or “Selling your soul,” seems very well suited to the way people live out their lives.

I think if we look back in our lives, we can all see a moment when we made a choice to live a certain way. And, that choice set a course of events in motion that has dominated the rest of our lives.

It is kind of like in the movies and in the novels, when the protagonist goes to the crossroads, where he or she meets the devil and they tell him what they want. They are promised they will get what they desire, so they sign on the dotted line in blood. The problem always is, though they may get what they thought they wanted, the outcomes is never what they expected and their life is not lived in the manner they had hoped for. Why is this? Because people can never anticipate the variables of life that eventually come into play with each life decision and/or choice.

When we are young, there is always tomorrow—there is always the chance to live our dreams. If it isn’t happening today, it will occur tomorrow. So, we make our deals with the devil, to get what we want.

As we get older, however, we begin to understand that reality takes hold and we come to know that we may never get to be all that we desired, to live all that we had hoped to live, or to own all we had hoped to acquire. So, we are left living a life dominated by the choices that we made within our unique set of circumstances.

The point is, we make our life choices due to our individual life circumstances and what we desire. What we desire can be as small as falling in love with a certain person. It can be getting a specific job. Going to the moon, or whatever… Once we focus on that desire, what we then do is set about on a course to achieve that end goal. What happens in that pursuit is what defines our life. It defines our deal with the devil. We may say to ourselves, “I really want that.” “I really want to do that.” Or whatever… But, the choices we make, based in desire, is what sets a set of circumstances into to motion that defines the rest of our life.

Many say, “You can choose to change.” Or, “I have changed.” Not true. People are who they are. They may pretend to be something different that they may become for a moment or two of life, but they always revert to their own psychological makeup, defined by their unique set of desires.

We are who we are. It is as simply as that.

So, where are you in your life? What deals with the devil did you make to get there? And, was the deal you made, worth the cost?

This is your life. Think about it.