Do You Think Before You Do?

I was driving in Hermosa Beach this morning. I was on this one street where you veer off to the left and it feeds into another street. There is a slight hill and a stop sign just before you make your final turn onto the new street. In front of me was a Volvo SUV. It stopped at the stop sign but then did not move forward. I was in a patient mood so I sat there for a few moments. A car pulled up behind me and honked its horn. The Volvo sat for a few more moments and then proceeded forward. Immediately, it turned to the left and went into a garage.

Though I did not realize it initially, because I could not see around the SUV, what the driver was doing was that he had pushed his garage door opener and was waiting for the garage to open. The driver sat there at the stop sign not caring about what affect he had on the flow of traffic. He was content to wait until he could drive straight into his garage.

Do you think about others before you do what you do? Most people do not. This is the primary cause of all the problems in the world. People only think about themselves.

When things are going well in life most people proceed down their merry path and couldn't care less what negative effect they are having on others. They’re happy, and who cares about anyone else. But, when things start to go wrong in their life, they become very upset — they become the victim and seek solace wherever they can find it. “Look at me, my life is so bad…” But, they never look to themselves to see what their previous actions have set in motion.

It does not matter if what you are doing in a specific moment does not negatively affect you. If it negatively affects others, there is a problem. And further problems will be set in motion by the initial problem you created.

I cannot emphasize enough that you must always be very aware of how what you are doing is affecting others. If you care about people, if you care about humanity, if you care about this world, you must consider others before you do anything that may negatively impact people or this planet. If you want to stop the negatively, it must begin with you.

Make this Life-Place a better Place.