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Zen and Again

The latest book based on the Scott Shaw Zen Blog has just been published, Zen and Again: The Metaphysical Philosophy of Psychology

Fade into Obscurity

Scott Shaw's latest book of poetry has just been published, Fade into Obscurity

Screenshot Tokyo

Scott Shaw's latest book of international photographs has just been published, Screenshot Tokyo: A Photographic Exploration

Kathmandu and Beyong

Kathmandu and Beyond: A Photographic Exploration.

Rangoon and Mandalay

Rangoon and Mandalay: A Photographic Exploration.


El Pequeno Spain

A new translation of Scott Shaw's Little Book of Yoga Breathing has just been published in Spain by Alfaomega Publishing with the title,
El Pequeno Libro de la Respiration. Click on the title to pick up your copy.



Scott's latest music collection has just been released.

RB7 Soundtrack

For all of you Cult Film, Roller Blade Seven aficionados, here is your chance to own a digitally remastered copy of Roller Blade Seven: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Step into the abstract, psychedelic world of the Roller Blade Seven Wheelzone with the music and the words that drove this Cult Film Classic.

Also available on Google Play



Resurrectionist the CD

Resurrectionist at Bandcamp

Resurrectionist at Google Play


Nebulous the CD

Nebulous at Bandcamp

Nebulous at Google Play


Vague Light in the Dark Distance the CD

Vague Light in the Dark Distance at Bandcamp

Vague Light in the Dark Distance at Google Play



Somewhere Between Then and Now

Scott Shaw's latest Zen Film Mind Ride has just been released,
Somewhere Between Then and Now.

Hellzone Rangers

Hellzone Rangers

Hellzone Rangers is the English Language South Asia and Philippines release of the Scott Shaw Zen Cult Film Classic, Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell. This film has additional scenes not seen in the wide release version of the film. You can finally own a copy.


Szamuraj utja

Here is a fun flashback from the past that has just been released:
Szamuraj usia AKA The Roller Blade Seven Return (in Hungarian). This is a version of the Cult Film Classic, The Roller Blade Seven that was released nowhere else in the world but in Hungary.

Sometime things are better spoken in a language you do not understand.

Oblivion Tokyo

Oblivion Tokyo

Roller Blade

Though Donald G. Jackson had hoped this movie would be forgotten, due to the recent unlawful VHS releases of this film by unscrupulous deplicatiors, Light Source Films is about to do a wide release of this movie on DVD and via download as we are the sole holder of all Rights, Title, and Interest to this film. To begin this process we have just released the Very Rare Japanese version of Roller Blade. The dialogue for this version is in English but there are also Japanese Subtitles and the description of the movie on the box is in Japanese. Very Cool! Get your Collector's Copy today. Click on the title: Roller Blade.

Note: if you want to purchase a vintage VHS version of the film, be warned there are no NEW or SEALED copies of this movie. Only buy a version that was released via New World Pictures in a fully printed video box. That is the only authorized VHS. Every other version is a duplicate copy and in violation of copyright law. Don't give money to people that are stealing someone else's artistic vision by repackaging and selling a bootlegged VHS. If you do receive one of these fraudulent copies report the seller to the online company where you purchased it as they unknowingly allowing these video tapes to be sold on their site.